Size card

Height: 6’4″

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Geordie Cheeseman is an actor from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

He is very active in the acting community, volunteering much of his time in theatre productions and independent films. He starred as Colt Hansen in Spearphishing 2 in 2021 and will be reprising this role in Spearphishing 3 this summer. He has also modelled clothing for Mark’s.

Geordie retired from the Canadian Military in 2016 following operational tours in Bosnia and Croatia. He has extensive weapons training and fighting skills.

His hobbies include competitive bodybuilding, Weird Al Karaoke, singing, and sketch writing.

He has had formal training in film and stage acting, and he is currently taking singing lessons with Shannon Boyle through Foote Theatre School.

His last theatre performance was in March 2022, in Devon, Alberta.

Training videos

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